Threezero Armored Trooper Votoms ROBO-DOU Rabidly Dog Figure

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Dieser Artikel hat eine voraussichtliche Verfügbarkeit von Oktober 2023, die sich verzögert.

ROBO-DOU Rabidly Dog is a non-scale articulated figure standing approximately 15.9cm (6.2″) tall, made of ABS, PVC, POM, and zinc alloy die-cast. The zinc alloy die-cast interior frame provides a total of 76 points of articulation. threezero’s notable layered paint techniques and weathering effects are applied on the figure, creating an impressive detailed surface.

ROBO-DOU Rabidly Dog collectible figure includes many interactive features to increase playability. The face guard, cockpit hatch at the chest, and maintenance hatch at the stomach can all be lifted open to show the cockpit inside, where the figurine of Chirico Cuvie in pilot suit can be placed. The legs and backpack of Rabidly Dog can be transformed to take the crouching mode form, and the bottom hatch of the backpack can be opened to drop a bomb. Both forearms can be extended for the “Arm Punch” attack feature, and the iron-claws on the left arm can transform into the shooting form.

Accessories include one “Handy Solid Shooter” gun and one bomb for storing in the backpack, one unarticulated pilot figurine of Chirico Cuvie, one piece of shell-case ejection effect piece for “Arm Punch” that attaches to the discharge port in the forearms, and 3 pieces of interchangeable right hands.

  • Rabidly Dog figure
  • 2 Alternate right hands
  • Handy Solid Shooter gun
  • Bomb
  • Shell-case ejection effect piece
  • Chirico Cuvie mini figure
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  • Threezero Armored Trooper Votoms ROBO-DOU Rabidly Dog Figure
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  • Voraussichtliche Ankunft: October 2023
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  • Marke: Robo Dou
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