Transformers Studio Series Leader Overload

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Überlast verwandelt sich vom Bautransporter zum Gelenkroboter-Actionfigur und wieder zurück.

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  • Transformers Studio Series Leader Overload
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  • Transformers Studio Series Leader Overload
    Bewertet 4.6/5 von Kunden beyogen auf 17 Kundenbewertungen
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    Transformers Studio Series Leader Overload
    Bewertet 4.6/5 von Kunden beyogen auf 17 Kundenbewertungen

    Simple transformation for his size, large figure with good shelf presence. Ratchet joints in the arms are solid so will support poses very well, as well as the rest of the combined mode. Connection with other combiners is very solid. Leg joints may be loose depending on individual figures, and vehicle mode appearance suffers a little due to the nature of being a combiner.

    They didn't send it to me, they sent me another toy, and i cannot get hold of them to sort this mistake out

    The final part of Devastator, really impressed with this figure, especially as there has never been a been a previous release based on the concept art. Combined with the other Constructicons, Devastator is indeed an inpressive figure.

    Gut verarbeitete Figur Klare Kaufempfehlung für alle Transformer Fans.

    My son loves it - is a cool, well-made model that cleverly transforms in 30+ steps. It combines with several others to make some monstrous madness. Well worth tracking this down. Also impressed to find that the store had this available and charging the correct retail price.

    Brilliant! I'm very happy with the purchase especially when the toy has not been released yet.

    Achat pour compléter devastator, ce robot est gros et à beaucoup d'articulations, le mode véhicule n'est pas très détaillé mais pour faire devastator cela vaut le coup !

    Une figurine très fun, massive qui permet de finir devastator, vraiment ravie de l'avoir

    Superb as ever- seems to be first place to get this in !