Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime

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Die Belagerung ist vorbei, aber der Krieg um Cybertron hat gerade erst begonnen. Die Autobots und Decepticons haben Cybertron verlassen, aber ihr Kampf tobt weiter, während sie auf der Jagd nach dem Allspark durch den Weltraum rasen. Mit unvorhergesehenen Gefahren, die vor uns lauern und die Decepticons von hinten einschließen, besteht der einzige Ausweg für die Autobots darin, einen Weg durchzufinden. Beide Seiten müssen sich durch die Gefahren des Weltraums bewegen und sich sofort an den Kampf überall im Kosmos anpassen.

Mit dem hochentwickelten A.I.R. (Adaptable Interconnection Retrofitter) Locks-System gehen die Kämpfer nicht aufs Schlachtfeld – sie werden es. Bots, die in modulare Gefechtsstationen umgewandelt werden können, können A.I.R.-Lock in benutzerdefinierten Konfigurationen zusammen, um die Bedürfnisse des Gefechts zu erfüllen.

Während der Kampf durch den Weltraum tobt, hängt der Erfolg davon ab, wer sich am besten an das Schlachtfeld jenseits anpassen kann. Aber es ist nicht nur das Schlachtfeld, das Anpassungsfähigkeit beherrscht. Loyalitäten können sich genauso schnell verschieben, mit einer neuen Söldnerfraktion, die neben den Autobots und Decepticons in die Erdwelt eingeführt wird.

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  • Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime
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  • Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime
    Bewertet 4.7/5 von Kunden beyogen auf 25 Kundenbewertungen


Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime
Bewertet 4.7/5 von Kunden beyogen auf 25 Kundenbewertungen

Trailer is too small, but is still a nice model

What a model ! I'm a fan of G1 look.

Definitely a toy and not a collectible. Hasbro produced it cheaply. Very light plastic, very thin. The wheels are too thin. The trailer feels too light and flimsy.

Great figure, well painted and detailed with good accessories. Great possibility too. Almost Masterpiece level for a Generations price point. The best Optimus Prime figure in years! Great as both a toy for a younger fan, and as an excellent display piece for a collector or anyone with a bit of transformers nostalgia.

Great figure has everything you want in a figure this is a cheaper masterpiece figure

I've coveted an Optimus Prime since the 80s. I've seen G1-style Primes several times over the years and always told myself, "I'll buy that one day" only for that day to never come. Well, now it has. While it isn't a reproduction of G1 - it's merch for a new Netflix cartoon - it's heavily inspired by it.

I've spent the last week transforming him and chuckling every time I remove the Matrix from his chest. Frankly, I've not played like this since I was a child!

While plastic rather than metal, it feels sturdy so far. The only criticism that comes to mind is that I'd have liked a Roller to have come with the trailer.

Looks fantastic! G1 nostalgia!

Despite the questionable pricing (it is a Voyager after all) it is for me the definitive Optimus Prime for my modern G1 Shelf.
Interesting unexpected new take on his transformation and great look and posability. Only topped by the inofficial MP-10 V.
Sadly the Trailer leaves a bit underwhelmed.

Best in it's class

I’ve not totally formed by decision on this yet. Looks good but a few cost saving measures let it downZ

Excellent version of the classic Autobot leader.

Very nice to have a new variant of this character. But even with the added trailer it's just a voyager class with an extra gimmick. Trailer feels rather flimsy to boot. But the three things that irk me most:
- face not fully painted akin the Siege voyager + backside of head is painted rather than plastic, really stands out to me
- the legs are inverted siege legs without all the trimmings!!! So you end up with a random peg on the back end of the vehicle mode and no cool transformation elements to fill up those gaps like the Siege one did. No, we get 2 "tanks" that fold away into the thighs... (barely functional)
- the wheels on trailer are on this simple flap of plastic, which just looks all sorts of off
Why complain about a toy like this? Because the rest of the engineering and design of this figure is absolutely beautiful. And with the rest being of high grade, the rest stands out like a sore thumb. To be clear: just about worth the price of admission. But just barely. A nice new iteration of Optimus non the less!

A great Generation 1 update of the Autobot Leader. Hasbro really improved on the previous Optimus Prime figure from the new War For Cybertron Series. Good looking in both modes, great transformation and even comes with his trailer. Definitely recommend this.

Fantastic figure! Amazing to look at and fun transformation from robot to vehicle! Only criticism is the colours on the back of the box do not match the finished product

Best Optimus ever. In a World where you probably own about ten Primes already you owe it to yourself to make this one the "oh go on, just one more can't hurt...."

Best optimus version so far.